Temporary Staffing Factoring
Non-Recourse Factoring | Up to 95% Advances

Factoring for temporary placement staffing agencies.  Our invoice factoring solutions for temporary placement and contract workers staffing companies including startups offer advantages that can help agencies with the capital they need as it grows. Capital to meet payroll and any other business expense.

We offer non-recourse factoring of up to $5 million which means the risk is on the factoring company, not you.  This affiliate program provides flexible accounts receivable factoring to temp staffing companies with facilities that are structured to fit their individual funding needs.

There is no need for your agency to have its working capital tied up in unpaid invoices. Our program can allow you to give your customers up to 90 days to pay your invoices, with our funding we can advance the needed capital to you on those invoices on a weekly bases, which means you'll have cash flow to cover expenses including payroll every week.


  • Non-Recourse: We assume the credit risk

  • Programs customized to your needs

  • You choose which invoices to factor

  • Flexible terms

  • Upfront, transparent pricing


  • Full-Recourse: You assume the credit risk

  • Limited pricing options

  • Must factor everything

  • Long, restrictive contracts

  • Hidden fees and charges


  • There is no substitute for Integrity, Experience and Standard of Service

  • Staffing factoring experts - we know the Staffing Industry

  • Affiliate funding network that covers seventeen countries

  • Deal directly with decision makers

  • Advances on eligible accounts receivable up to 95%

  • Competitive rates and flexible terms

  • 90-day rates as low as 0.75% (High-volume factoring)

  • Non-recourse facilities from $10,000 to $ 5million

  • Non-notification option available (contact us for more information)

  • Factoring facilities of up to $35 million

  • Draw down only the funds that you need - be charged only for the funds you use

  • Upon collections we provide the remaining balance to you less our small fee

  • We are a reliable Cash Source for your company's security and continued growth

  • Access your account online - track invoices and much more

  • Very likely we'll be able to beat any other offer you may be considering

You will have access to funding of up to $35 million, providing your agency the security it needs to maintain a strong cash flow and of course funding availability for the business to continue to grow.  We have affiliate offices across the United States and Canada with a professional staff that understands the staffing industry.  Start the simple process.


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