Staffing finance

Welcome to the Staffing Finance Group division of StaffingFactoring.  We offer professional grade staffing finance-staffing financing and factoring solutions tailored specifically for agencies in the staffing industry, funding options that help temporary placement staffing companies and IT staffing agencies maintain or restore their cash flow to a steady course. Our services are offered nationwide (complete Internet access) and include a whole suite of payroll funding - loans and full back office services.


Typically our client is a larger and well seasoned staffing agency requiring minimum monthly advances on their invoices of $250,000 to $15 million.

However, we can also fund the smaller staffing agencies or start-ups seeking at least $5,000 a month, and even funding certain customers with financial problems, including tax liens, judgments or bankruptcies.


Staffing agencies need a financial services company that understands their business and the cash flow challenges it faces and the need for the right funding solution. Our receivables factoring program offer flexibility solutions that help staffing agencies move forward, solutions that when used on their own or complementing each other, help agencies improve cash flow and provide the cash to bring business plans to life, secure more opportunities, invest in growth or meet expenses and payroll. Our customers will be working with the decision makers and a team that focuses on putting the right funding option for the company.

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