Staffing Factoring Services
Non-Recourse Facilities (up to $5 million) | Advances up to 95%

We are, and as our name implies, all we do is factoring and accounts receivables funding for companies in the staffing industry.  Work with a cash flow professional that knows the staffing business and understands the funding needs of staffing agencies.  We have affiliate offices throughout the United States and Canada offering flexible funding solutions to not only well-seasoned agencies but also startups and those companies that are struggling to meet payroll.

Our staffing factoring services include a full service non-recourse invoice factoring product, which can also be structured to cover payroll, tailored specifically for companies in the temporary/contract placement staffing industry.

There is no need to wait up to 90 days or longer to receive payment from your customers. By factoring or selling your invoices you can receive up to 90%-95% advances on those invoices / receivables in just a few days and once your customer pays, the difference is returned to you less our small fee.

Non-Recourse: We assume the credit risk
Programs customized to your needs
You choose which invoices to factor
Flexible terms
Upfront, transparent pricing

Full-Recourse: You assume the credit risk
Limited pricing options
Must factor everything
Long, restrictive contracts
Hidden fees and charges


Our ideal transaction is a larger and well seasoned staffing company requiring minimum monthly advances on their receivables of $750,000, and as high as $35 million.


We love the smaller agencies including start-ups. Through our affiliate, we can fund the small, midsized and start-up agencies that are seeking factoring of at least $5,000 a month, and even funding certain clients with financial problems.


Staffing companies need a factor/funding source that understands their industry and the cash flow challenges it faces and the need for the right solution. Our invoice factoring products offer flexibility to help staffing agencies move forward, products that when used on their own or complementing each other, help companies improve cash flow and provide the capital to meet payroll, bring business plans to life, secure opportunities, invest in growth or meet general operating expenses. Our clients will work closely with our decision makers on structuring the right factoring facility or funding option for their agency.


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