Payroll funding for staffing
Non-Recourse Factoring (Up to $5 million) | Up to 95% Advances

Payroll funding for temporary and contract placement staffing agencies. The single most concerning expenditure of temp staffing companies is payroll and if you have tight cash flow making payroll every week is a struggle, going with a payroll funding company is an option, the problem is their all-or-nothing and overly restrictive contracts.

First, our factoring product for payroll is a non-recourse facility, which means the risk is on the factoring company, it further offers flexibility and unlike a payroll funding company, you have the option to factor as little or as much as you want with no minimum requirements and certainly no hidden fees.

Staffing agencies cannot afford to have working capital tied up in unpaid invoices. Our flexibility can allow your customers up to 90 days and sometimes longer to pay your invoices, but our funding advances the capital to you on those invoices on a weekly bases providing you the funds to cover payroll and other expenses every week.

You can also go after more customers by providing credit to them with the security that your funding company will provide the capital on those new invoices and be there with you as your business continues to grow.


  • Non-recourse factoring

  • Funding for payroll from $10,000 to $10 million

  • Advances up to 95%

  • No startup fees

  • Short-term and open terms are available

  • Factor as little or as much as you want

  • United States and Canada

  • And More

Improve your cash flow without the restrictions of traditional payroll funding companies.  Starting the process is easy, once you establish the account your business will have access to the working capital it needs in as little as 24 hours, and remember, with factoring you are not creating debt.

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