Lines of credit for temp / contract placement staffing

We realize that a line of credit on receivables is sometimes better suited for staffing agencies and even though the requirements to qualify for a traditional line of credit are tighter than for a factoring facility, we do offer options that are more flexible than FDIC banks. So if you have been turned-down by your bank for a line of credit or if you have an existing ABL line but would like to get away from the requirements and covenants of a traditional bank line but still take advantage of ABL pricing, our non-bank financing options may offer a good fit.



(1) a traditional (true) ABL line for staffing companies that have been operation for at least 2 years, subject to normal requirements for a non-bank ABL facility.

(2) a ledgered credit line, which in many cases may be more beneficial,  it has the ABL pricing structure, however, unlike a traditional ABL line of credit, there are no restrictions on how long the company has been in business, in fact, it includes startups, there are limited or no audit requirements or covenants that are normal under a bank credit line with respect to financial ratios, concentration and others.

Our asset based lending group understands the funding needs of staffing companies, and our ABL facilities are structured to meet the demands for uninterrupted cash flow.

In addition to a line of credit on your receivables, we also offer asset based lending options that include:

  • Open-ended accounts receivable financing options
  • Combination of a line of credit and factoring facility
  • Term loans
  • Equipment lease and finance
  • ABL working capital funding
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