HR Staffing Factoring


HR staffing factoring and payroll funding. Invoice factoring and payroll funding solutions for HR temp staffing agencies (human resources - temporary placement staffing companies).

Our unique product is designed for the HR industry and agencies that are focused on placing temporary and contract workers. We can fund not only the larger well-seasoned staffing company but also the smaller agencies, startups and even staffing companies that are struggling.

Non-Recourse: We assume the credit risk, not you
Advances up to 95% (Higher case by case)
Programs tailored to your needs
You choose which invoices to factor
Flexible terms
No upfront costs
Transparent pricing - no hidden fees

From $10,000 to $35 million (Cash availability as your agency grows)
Invoice and receivables factoring (Non-recourse)
Payroll funding (Non-recourse)
AR lines of credit

For more information please call us at 1-800-955-8420 or send us an email using the SHORT FORM.  The office that handles your local area will contact you shortly.

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