Staffing Factoring / ABL Program

 FOR LARGER HIGH-VOLUME STAFFING AGENCIES | GREAT RATES AND TERMS has available a high-volume factoring product for the larger staffing (temporary / contract placement) agencies with strong management / client base a flexible accounts receivable / invoice factoring program with very competitive pricing and terms. The factoring facility is structured to fit the individual working capital requirements of our client and offer an ongoing supply of capital for continued growth.

MINIMUM MONTHLY FACTORING VOLUME: $5,000,000 (If smaller - click here)
MAXIMUM MONTHLY FACTORING VOLUME: $35,000,000 (higher volume available)

90-DAY RATE: As low as 0.75%
ADVANCES: Up to 90%

For temporary placement staffing clients who are currently in an ABL program, we offer an advance plus product, where it is Prime + and a service fee per month. Rates are very competitive based on the overall merits of the deal, which depends on risk, number of customers, credit, etc.  We recommend that you tell us what reasonable pricing you are seeking, again, this is a very competitive program so we will do our best to beat any other offer you are considering. We want to meet your requirements and be your factor.

The above program is part of our affiliate-partner program with a specific partner. Above rates and terms are based on the overall merits of the transaction and subject to due diligence and final approval.

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