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We are a division of Corporate Finance New York specializing in staffing factoring and payroll funding services for temporary and contract placement staffing agencies.  All we do is receivables factoring and finance for companies in the staffing industry with support services that include payroll funding and full back-office products. Our high-level funding solutions provide staffing agencies with a reliable and constant cash source, financial security and availability for continued growth.

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Receivables FactoringAccounts receivable factoring for staffing

staffing receivables factoring

Factoring services tailored specifically for companies in the staffing industry. Get Started

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Line of CreditNon-bank receivables line of credit

staffing lines of credit

A line of credit on receivables may sometimes be better suited facility for staffing agencies. Get Started

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Payroll FundingStaffing payroll funding options

payroll funding for staffing

Payroll funding options offered in concert with an invoice factoring facility. Get Started

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Ideal Transaction

Our ideal transaction is a seasoned temporary placement staffing company seeking minimum monthly advances on their receivables of $750,000 to up to $35 million. However, we love the smaller agencies including startups that are seeking funding as low as $5,000 a month.

Cash flow...

For staffing companies, it's all about cash flow - uninterrupted cash flow, and receivables factoring can offer just that, however, working with the right factoring company that understands your industry is essential. Our dedicated team of staffing professionals are experts in cash flow solutions with a range of facilities specifically tailored to fit the financial requirements of staffing agencies in all fifty U.S. States and Canada.

Customer service you can rely on...

There is no substitute for excellense

customer service staffing factoring

Our customer service team is available to service our clients seven days a week.  We always have an "on-call" representative available to process a customer's online request at any time of the day or night.  We are committed to working hard for our clients and getting them funded quickly.

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Flexible solutions...

 Factoring and receivables funding options

flexible staffing factoring services

Our business development officers understand the importance of flexibility when processing a client's application, so even if your company is operating at a loss, has other financial difficulties or certain credit issues, we should be able to offer a solution that can get you funded.

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Our Name is Staffing Factoring

And as our name implies, staffing factoring is our business

staffing factoring team

Our staffing factoring services include a whole suite of financial solutions that include invoice factoring, receivables lines of credit, payroll funding & management. Our funding options offer flexibility to staffing companies from temporary and contract placement agencies, IT, HR companies to medical-nursing staffing and others.

Staffing start-ups. If you are a startup agency we have a program designed just for you with invoice factoring options that are flexible and comes with a simple no-red-tape application process. Our common goal is straightforward, which is to earn your business by providing you with the best possible service, terms and pricing.